Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Quote of the Day 21st April 2009

It is because over thirty years of direct observation has demonstrated to me that when trainees drink one gallon of milk added to their regular diet and train in a progressive linear fashion, they gain significant muscular bodyweight, and those that do not drink their milk, even in the presence of progressive linear training, fail to do this.

They also fail to continue progressive linear training for the same length of time, because this is facilitated by the steady weight gain.

I understand that you're asking me if I have controlled for other factors such as failure to do the program correctly, and the answer is yes, of course I have, because I am not a complete idiot.

Those that will not do the program are not being considered when I make these remarks, because that would be too fucking obvious a hole in my analysis.

The difference in the milk drinkers is that THEY GET BIGGER THAN THE ONES WHO WON'T DRINK THE FUCKING MILK.

Please tell me that you understand this now.

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