Thursday, 30 July 2009

Quote of the day 30th July

Question -

Mr. Rippetoe,

I for one would love to come to your seminar; I just can't seem to find one nearby.

Any idea when you'll be in Ontario, Michigan, Buffalo NY and area, or even Pennsylvania??

If its within a decent radius of SW Ontario, I'll make the trip.

Rips response -

It would be really cool if you could come.

I'll try to schedule one for your convenience, so that you can make a short drive while I and my staff fly in, deal with the TSfuckingA, American Fucking Airlines, Budget Fucking RentAFucking Car, a wonderful hotel, and then you.



  1. Rip sounds like a bit of a dick in this one.

  2. I agree. That was uncalled for.

  3. Not a Dick at all....just a realist. Why should he spend thousands of dollars and tons of time for the comfort of one person? There are tons of seminars all over.....get to one if you really want it bad enough. "Nothing in life is free or easy..." TODD THOMPSON

  4. haha, that was totally called for. if the inquiry hadn't included the last line, it might have been uncalled for.

  5. The guy asked a question. That's all.

    Rip's being a dick in this one.

  6. Rip's being a dick?
    Rip IS a dick!
    And we read it to see just how much of a dick he is on a particular day.

  7. that was totally uncalled for. he gets payed to do the seminars not just out of his desire to spread his knowledge. and its not like this one guy is the only person in that region that would attend.