Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Quote of the day 2nd June

Guy 1: I was just wondering, are all the copies of [Starting Strength] missing pages 206-207, or is it just my copy?

Rip: Page numbers 206-207 were offensive to us, for numerological reasons we'd not care to discuss, so we omitted them and indexed around them.

No material is missing, just the 2 most horrible, sickening, disgusting, revolting, baby-killing, maggot-infested, sorry, rotten, substandard numbers in all of mathematics.

And good riddance, I say. Fuck 206 and 207, both of them.

Guy 2: Thank God someone has taken a stand on this.

Rip: Courage will always be the watchword of The Aasgaard Company.


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